That Viral Affirmation Seemed To ✨Magically✨ Work For So Many People...But Not You...

Here's Why:

Saying something out loud a few times isn't going to make it past your mind's security team. Your mind has something called a Critical Faculty that serves as your security team and its job is to call B.S. on anything that doesn't match what your subconscious mind knows to be true

Your security guard doesn't know that affirmation. It isn't getting past him!

He's all like:

The Truth Is...Your Subconscious Beliefs Are Blocking Your Manifestations

But imagine if that block weren't there. If instead, you manifested that thing you keep obsessing over and wishing for.

Imagine how it would feel to believe in yourself completely.

Now imagine how nice it would be if making that change, if reprogramming your subconscious, were easy and effortless...

IT IS [with hypnotherapy 😉]

I've been using hypnotherapy to make my life better since 2001

Yep, that dance performance in 8th grade had me shaking in my green cargo pants. 'IF ONLY I WERE CONFIDENT!' I told myself. Then I wouldn't be so nervous and I'd dance my best and I'd have fun and...maybe...get a boyfriend too...

Good thing I remembered that Travis Fox hypnotherapy cassette tape I'd begged my dad to buy me at the state fair. I popped that baby in my boom box, turned off the lights, and just relaxed while I closed my eyes and listened. The next thing I know, I wake up to the *click* of the ending of the tape and it's about 20 minutes later.

I felt...good. Different, but almost in a subtle way so I wasn't too sure at first. I was definitely sure when I stepped on that stage a few hours later...IT WORKED. And so did I. From that point forward, I was a confident AF performer and a forever advocate for the use of hypnotherapy.

Fast forward 19 years -- I became a certified clinical hypnotherapist to help others reprogram & heal at the deepest level of their minds so that they can also manifest their most epic lives. And I have something really cool for you...


Generalized Hypnotherapy Audios Are Great! But You Know What's Even Better?


Personalized ones that suggest and insert exactly what you want to believe at the subconscious level!

Those affirmations you've been trying? Let's stick those in there!

That daydream you get stuck in but don't believe can actually happen? Let's put that in too.

That motivation you wish you had? Yep.

That fierce confidence you envy in others? It's yours!

That fear of ending up alone forever? BYEEE.

WHAT-E-VER-YOU-WANT! It's in. We're getting it past your critical faculty/security guard. 


What They Say About My Hypno Audios:

Personalized Clinical Hypnotherapy Audio


  • Select Your Preferred  Visualization (Hypnotic Induction)
  • Tailored To Your Specific, Personal Goals
  • Delivered to Your Inbox Within 2 Weeks of Purchase

Still Hesitant? Here Are The Answers To Your Worries:

Don't see yours here? Email me and my team at [email protected] 


Let's Get Personal

You're not alone in how you're feeling right now. There's nothing that you can possibly say on your form that I personally, or another of my clients, haven't felt or thought before. This is a zero judgment zone!

I can't wait to make this audio program for you 🥰 You can make this change! I believe in you.