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The Spiritual Weirdo Podcast is a place where we can dive into those deep conversations we wish we could have with everyone...but most people still give the side-eye when you try to talk about belief systems, manifestation, clairvoyance, quantum theories, or even astrology! You and I are part of the collective movement to change that. Deep convos between "weirdos" who just met are in.

You have valuable insights that both of our audiences could benefit from and I'd love to have an interesting, positive, educational, and fun(!) conversation about your areas of expertise. We are here to collaborate, rise together and encourage others to do the same. Let's lead the way!

Get on my podcast, new bestie!  

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I'm looking forward to meeting you and diving in! We will record our episode over a Zoom call so please come prepared for both audio and video recording. Please also ensure that you have a strong internet connection and about an hour set aside for our conversation.